With busy commercial kitchens, depending upon menu, grease eventually gets carried past the grease filters and into the extract ductwork. If the grease builds up, this represents a significant fire risk.

Also, odours from the kitchen ventilation can cause issues depending upon the location of the extract termination. 

Both these problems can be eliminated by using ultra violet light.

The grease is first filtered by high efficiency stainless steel baffle filters, then filtered by a secondary filter designed to break the grease to small standard size particles.  The extracted air is then passed through the UV area where the grease is broken down by a combination of photolysis & ozonolysis.

The cleaned air, with a small amount of ozone can then be discharged at the point of termination with no grease left to line the ductwork. 

The ozone can be treated if the termination point is at low level or close to other buildings.


The UV light would be interlocked to the extraction system and should the extraction turn off, the UV will automatically shut down. Also, should the staff remove any grease filters during operation the UV will immediately shut down.

Cleaning & Maintenance

During the chemical process a fine ash like substance is left which will require periodically cleaning off the UV lamps.

The UV tubes & rubber gromets have a life span of 8,000 – 10,000 hours therefor they will need to be replaced.

HMA can supply, install, control & provide tailor maintenance / cleaning for the complete UV package.